Relevant Readings

I’m sure everybody who went to Mass on Wednesday night noticed how apposite the readings were, even though they were just the ordinary Wednesday of that week readings. It didn’t seem like it at first (I was about ready to laugh when the reader started in on whether virgins should marry!), but pretty soon we were talking about the end of the world, and the blessings to those who hunger and thirst for justice. (And the woes to those who don’t.)

(It occurred to me later, by the way, that some people who treat other people badly “all because of Me” are doing it not because they openly oppose Jesus, but because they claim to serve him.)

But it really is amazing how often the readings are relevant to one’s own situation, even though they are set in their perpetual three-year cycle. (For that matter, it was amusing a few years back to watch X-Files on Sunday night and realize how many times you could apply the scripture of the day to the adventures of Mulder and Scully.) 🙂 The Holy Spirit can speak to us through set routine just as well as through spontaneity.


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