Crossing Over with Paul Gadzikowski

It occurs to me that I haven’t previously mentioned Paul Gadzikowski, massive crossover fanfic writer and cartoonist. I was thinking about him Friday because I was trying to find his cartoons about St. Pudentiana the Faerie Bane (who’s an alternate universe Buffy). (Here’s the real St. Pudentiana and her church in Rome. Hellmouth not included.)

When I wandered over I found no Faerie Bane cartoons, but this week he had up (among many other things) a rerun of a wonderful one called “Comparative Religion MASH-Style”. Since it’ll soon be down again (Gadzikowski changes his cartoons every week) I quote the dialogue:

Hawkeye: If God exists, he must be heartless to let this go on.
B.J.: Nah, God just knows you have to let your kids make their own mistakes.
Col. Potter: I see God as one of those C.O’s who handpicks his staff and then leaves them alone.
Margaret: Nonsense! God believes in more discipline than that.
Charles: What God believes in is rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.
Klinger: Hey, God runs a clean game.
The 5th Doctor from Dr. Who: No, no, an elephant is like a rope. Wouldn’t you say, Father?
Fr. O’Malley: A tree. An elephant is like a tree.

Besides his wonderful fanfic and ever-revolving cartoon assortment, you’ll also find a rather odd series called King Arthur in Time and Space. If you’ve got a good grounding in Arthurian legend, have watched large amounts of Doctor Who, Star Trek (all the series), and other sf/f shows, and don’t mind an art style that goes from realistic to distinctly triangular…you’ll enjoy yourself immensely! If not, try reading the fiction parts before looking at the cartoons.

Gadzikowski has also recently been displaying cartoons based on some friends of his…some of whom I know, and one of whom is my music producer. Yet I’d been reading his stuff for yeeeears, and hadn’t realized he was actually a Friend of a Friend. SF fandom is sometimes a startlingly small world. So mind your P’s and Q’s, young grasshopper.

(Mind you, it’s nothing to my parish, which has presented me with no less than a pastor whose mother lives on my old street, one of my junior high English teachers, and a couple of great-aunts a couple times removed that I never knew I had…but scary nonetheless.)


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