Speaking of Undocumented Features

…I stopped by eyrie.net to see what was new. Um…would you believe CSI: New Avalon? Yes, it’s time for forensic science to meet anime, science fiction, Marvel and DC Comics, and…well, just about everything else. The CSI folks work for the International Police Organization, which includes Lensmen. Sara’s a Salusian (the skunk-looking folks from Ninja High School) and so’s Gil, and Warrick Brown’s a Corellian. Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans make an appearance.

There are two “episodes” up at present: “Locard’s Exchange” and “Parallel Lines”.

Here’s a look at the dossiers of the CSI: New Avalon team.


“The casing on the -left- was recovered after a firefight on Babylon 6 two years ago – an IPO ally against a bunch of militant xenos from the Church of Man. It, and 172 more just like it, came from the weapons of a man called Brother Neo.”

Grissom glanced up from the photo. “-Brother- Neo?”

“Yeah. He’s a monk – of the Holy Order of Saint Ignatius the Defender.”

“Are you saying this pistol-packing monk is our killer?”

“No,” Nick said, shaking his head. “Different caliber, different tool marks, but the same -kind- of marks…These rounds,” Nick said, tapping the photo on the right, “were processed by a droid ammunition handler. The Ignatines make them.”

“Most monks make wine,” Grissom remarked with an arched eyebrow.

“Ignatius was a pretty hardcore saint,” Stokes said. “His order’s dedicated to battling against wickedness. They have a group of itinerants who roam the galaxy spreading St. Ignatius’s justice.”

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