Posts I Need to Make

The Paul reading from Sunday included this blog’s title verse.

I’m going to Worldcon in Boston, and gloating over all the cool stuff to do both at the convention and in Boston. I began torturing myself by looking at various restaurants I won’t be able to visit for at least two weeks. Also, I need to find that Russian bookstore and buy the other Tanya Grotter books.

Went to the manga club at Books & Co, but only for half an hour. Then went to the Jasper fforde reading. He was very nifty. Ran into Mary “Folly” Smith, as well as Carol; the head of the Agra Treasurers; and the usual Books & Co. suspects. Jasper fforde’s wife is also very cool. I forgot to ask her about her books…I think she’s a writer, isn’t she?

The lady cattycorner from me at the office whose husband is in the Guard (the Army kind, not the Air Force kind) is going to Bulgaria in November to see him. She’s never been on a plane before (odd in Dayton). Also, she was not too thrilled about the Bulgaria part, so I printed her off some webpages of purty pitchers. This worked out, and now she is enthused! By happy chance, Instapundit today featured Sofia Sideshow, so I’ll point her to that, too. Also Alaskan Bulgarian, if I remember.


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