Drug Interaction Problem!

Here are two things that don’t mix:

A dose of Nyquil
A 20 ounce cup of very strong linden flower tea (tilleul), drunk in a few gulps

I had the Nyquil about a half hour before I was ready to go to bed, and then at bedtime suddenly realized I hadn’t drunk my linden flower tea. Which had been stewing for about an hour. Yep, it was strong. Yep, gulping it wasn’t a good plan.

For an hour, I had a heartbeat like a shojo anime character in love. Pretty scary, seeing as I’m not a toon and thus not accustomed to hearing Ba-DUMP! Ba-DUMP! in my ears and actually being able to _feel_ my heart beat.

So…don’t try this at home, kids. It ain’t foxglove, but it’s still drug interaction.

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