The Unbearable Coolness of Last Names

It’s always instructive to read phonebooks. Especially ones from North and South Dakota, with all those little towns’ itsy-bitsy white pages.

Aadnes, American Horse, Antelope, Ayutapi, Azure.

Bad Heart Bull, Basaraba, Baumstarck, Bear Catches, Beitelspacher, Berreth, Big Bear, Big Eagle, Binfet, Bjerkness, Black Cloud, Black Fox, Black Moon, Blackhoop, Blue Earth, Blue Thunder, Bobtail Bear, Bonogofsky, Bovkoon, Brave Bull, Brekke, Brown Otter, Bubbers, Buchfinck, Buffalo Boy, Bullhead.

Carry Moccasin, Charging Cloud, Chase Alone, Chasing Bear, Chasing Hawk, Cheauma, Chiapputi, Crow Ghost, Crowshoe, Czapiewski.

Dammel, Dog Eagle, Dogskin, Dralle, Droog, Dumdie.

Eagleshield, Ebach, Eisenbraun, End Of Horn, Enzminger.

Fallgatter, Fast Horse, Flying By, Flying Horse, Follows The Road, Fool Bear, Four, Four Swords, Fourbear.

Gabbard, Gangl, Gazette, Glerup, Goldsack, Good Iron, Good Left, Grindstone, Guggolz.

Hairychin, Haraseth, Has Horns, Hatzenbuehler, Hetletved, High Elk, Hillius, Hilsendager, Hoisington, Holy Elk Face, Hosie.

Incognita, Iron Boulder, Iron Cloud, Ironroad, Ironshield, Iszler.

Jochim, Jutila.

Kadlec, Kaffar, Keepseagle, Kills Pretty Enemy, Klindworth, Klundt, Knispel, Kooker.

Lafromboise, Lamsters, Left Hand, Limesand, Long Feather, Looking Back, Looking Horse, Lukesh.

Mad Bear, Makes Him First, Many Horses, Manywounds, Marlenee, Mauai, Mayforth, Molash, Morlock, Muggli, Myllykangas.

Naasz, Nodak.

One Feather, Ongstad, Opoien.

Peerboom, Peyerl, Pipe Bear, Plenty Chief, Pulst.

Rainsberry, Red Tomahawk, Redlegs, Rising, Rising Sun, Rosebud, Rough Surface, Round Tree.

Schurhamer, See Walker, Sees The Elk, Shoestring, Situpiska, Skwarok, Soete, Spotted Horse, Szczur.

Taken Alive, Three Legs, Thunder Hawk, Treesoul, Treetop, Turgeon, Turning Heart, Two Shields.

Uhde, Uses Arrow, Uses Many.

Vaaler, Vachal, Valandra, Vavra, Vilhauer.

Wakole, Weispfening, White Lightning, White Mountain, White Temple, White Twin, Wingire, Wise Spirit, Wruck.

Yarlott, Yellow Bird, Yellow Earrings, Yellow Fat, Yellow Hammer, Yellow Lodge, Yineman, Ylitalo, Younker.

Zbasnick, Zeeb, Zimbro, Zinke, Zuther.


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2 responses to “The Unbearable Coolness of Last Names

  1. nice blog.

    Are you in the Dakotas?

  2. lmao…you like our names huh whats yours cuz i like ooberstine…

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