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Just in case you haven’t heard, the new seasons of Doctor Who will begin airing on Sci-Fi Channel this March. Whether the Beeb finally got realistic or Sci-Fi Channel’s parent companies finally let them free up some cash, it matters not. What does matter is that finally, fans who don’t live by the Canadian border won’t have to rely on P2P or VCR to VCR.

Anyway, the Beeb’s official site still has a nice Flash animation up to celebrate. Who says the Brits can’t be patriotic? 🙂

In even more urgent and less distributed news, however, the much-changed US release date of Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) may finally be final. February 17, 2006!
Since the freakin’ sequel has already come out in Russia at the first of the year, I for one think it’s about time.
Watch the trailer and the “Condensed featurette”.

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