Mmmm. Havarti.

Of course you’re all going to Buy Danish, to support our free-press, free-speaking Danish friends. It’s just not right to boycott an entire country over 12 cartoons (plus three fake ones), especially if it’s a government-run boycott. It’s certainly not right to watch people trying to intimidate our Danish friends and not stand up for them.

But here’s the bonus. Arla Foods, which is getting hit especially hard by the boycott, makes Havarti cheese under the brand “Denmark’s Finest”. I’d never had Havarti before today. I’m here to say that it’s very good cheese, if you like softish, not very sharp, white cheese (I do.) and well worth the price. So you can support civic virtue, strike a blow against uncivil idiocy, and also give your tastebuds a treat.

The store where I bought it carried not only plain Havarti from Arla, but also Dill Havarti and Herbs and Spices Havarti. I highly recommend the Herbs and Spices kind. Mm-mm-mm! I also bought my dad his own chunk of Havarti. Yum!

Now, if only I had some Danish ham to go with my Danish cheese….

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