Father Christian “Chris” Rohmiller

Don’t let me forget to post about Father Rohmiller, the pastor of the Wright State University parish (okay, chapel). He passed away suddenly on Saturday night, and everybody is missing him pretty badly already. Since his family lives in St. Albert’s, we’re having the funeral over there this morning. Students, bikers, Knights of Columbus, people from every parish he worked in, monks from his days at St Meinrad, and of course the standard huge numbers of his fellow priests are expected. Also the archbishop, which was nice.
Father Rohmiller was pretty clearly doing the work of three priests, besides his own main responsibility as WSU chaplain. He did a lot of stuff for folks involved in stuff that he didn’t necessarily really get into himself. Frex, he did the “Blessing of the Bikes” for the motorcycle people, even though he wasn’t exactly your Harley-Davidson aficionado. But he did it, and it meant a huge amount to the bikers. (You can still see the stickers advertising the event outside some of the local biker bars, totally undefaced by graffiti or the weather.)
I don’t usually do funeral choir (aka the “Adios Chorale”, “the Sob Sisters”, etc. — we’re a reverent enough bunch, but we can’t resist bad jokes!). But I’m taking off from work for this. Father deserves this. Also, my younger brother does music for the WSU parish, so he’s coming to sing with us!

UPDATE: The funeral Mass (or “Mass of the Resurrection”, to give its proper name) was very nice, and there was a full house. The Latin “In Paradisum” was very nice, too, and I hope I can remember the tune for later. One of Father Rohmiller’s old friends (a Jesuit) gave the homily. (Also, he made sure to mention that people should give money to the new WSU chapel fund!)

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