Song: Lift Up Our Hearts

First off, I’m not the first songwriter to be inspired by Book 4, Chapter 9 of The Imitation of Christ. Pretty obviously, Tom Conry’s “Ashes” comes from that (or some material derived from it). So there will be a certain amount of cognate material, but hopefully no outright loans.

This is a Preparation of the Gifts type song. It’s dedicated to all those folks who said Lenten songs are too depressing. (*raised eyebrow* Kinda the point, ne?)

Lift Up Our Hearts
Lyrics and Music: Maureen S. O’Brien, 3/6/06

Lord, You made everything.
Everything belongs to You.
Everything’s ruled by Your word, from molecules to stars.
Now we bring our gifts to You.
How we long to give to You
Everything that’s ours, and everything we are.

Lift up our hearts
Beside the bread and wine.
Lift up our souls
And bodies, too.
Lord, lift us up.
Make us an offering.
Make us something
Acceptable to You.

Here are all the wrongs we’ve done.
Burn them in Your fire of love.
Burn them into nothing, burn the stains of sin away.
Here’s the good we try to do.
It’s not much, but take what’s true
And make it purer, holier, a better gift to You.


Let us give ourselves to You,
Offer up ourselves to You,
From now on, forever, let us serve you every day.
With the Body of Your Son,
Take us too! For if we’re one
With Him in death and rising, make us also off’rings raised.


Comments? Criticism?

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