Fairbanks Movie with Greek or Russian Orthodox Wedding Scene

I’m home sick today, as you can tell. However, I woke up this morning just in time to see a very romantic Russian Orthodox wedding scene in Scarlet Dawn, an old Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. movie (if you can call something only an hour long a movie). Apparently I missed the beginning, which sounds kinda silly. I also pretty much missed the end, except for the part when they get deported back to the Soviet Union to get killed like dogs (even though they tried to make that sound all happy). But the wedding part was good.
The young guy suddenly decides to marry his sweetheart. He’s in Istanbul as a refugee with her, so this might not be easy. But he finds an Orthodox church of some stripe and gets the priest inside to agree to marry them. But they need two witnesses. So he runs out and gets some kind of German tailor and a French lady of ill repute. The two witnesses, happy for the young couple, hold the wedding crowns over their heads.

The priest said the ceremony in English, which was interesting. I don’t remember hearing the prodigal son thing about “he put the ring on his hand” as a wedding scripture before.


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3 responses to “Fairbanks Movie with Greek or Russian Orthodox Wedding Scene

  1. Nice story. Love to read more post.. Good job. =)

  2. Well, this young couple really love each other.. maybe I could have my own story like them, but not that tragic.hehehe =)

  3. From this very wonderful story, I could say that the wedding of the young couple is a remarkable one. Nice one..

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