The Thrill of Reading Early, the Agony of Silence

I couldn't stand the long wait till September, so I gave in. Yes, I paid Baen Books fifteen perfectly good US dollars for an "electronic Advance Reader Copy" of Some Golden Harbor by David Drake.

So I read it last night. And loved it! It was great! Because…

Ah. Can't tell you.

That's the problem with Advance Reader Copies. Yes, it's great to get the book you're waiting for. Yes, it's fun to announce smugly to your friends that you Know All, months ahead of everyone else. But then what?

Unless you let someone else read the book (and they live close enough to make this practical, or you're very trusting of the US Mail), you don't have anyone to discuss the book with! Frustration! 

Still, I'm glad Baen is doing this. Real Advance Reader Copies used to be very hard to find. Then advance readers started selling them to used bookstores in decent numbers, which was a great boon to collectors and fans. But then E-Bay came along, and the market got very weird indeed. Fifteen dollars is a lot cheaper than a hundred dollars or more.

Especially when I have an extra five months to contemplate the implications of Tovera's new friend, or the way Daniel told Adele…

…something I can't tell you. 🙂 

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