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Ash Wednesday

Lent began yesterday. As I said before, my penitent mood was greatly aided by all the medical stuff that’s going on with me. I ended up not having actual needles poked into me, but I was poked and prodded. 🙂

After work, I wasn’t able to make up much time because I had to get moving if I wanted to go to Mass for Ash Wednesday. Since I’d agreed to cantor, this was somewhat critical.

I think Ash Wednesday went pretty well, all things considered. About a zillion people came, of course. (You know what they say about Masses where they give people something….) I actually had trouble getting back out of the nave and into the choir loft, with all the SRO folks! Everything went smoothly enough, and everybody seemed to have been really in the mood to worship.
I thought the choir sounded good. (One of the bennies of being cantor — you get to hear the choir you’re in.)  I did okay, I think. I also managed to avoid leading hymns, etc, without anyone getting mad at me. (The choir is a lot better at leading congregational singing than one chick with a mike can ever be, especially if the organ’s all the way in back, the chick’s in front a half second off, and the congregation’s trapped in the middle.)
I actually managed to put together a somewhat fashionable outfit — jacket over a sheath dress. However, this achievement with little precedent turned out to be bittersweet, as my purply maroon jacket clashed horribly with the Lenten purple. (I know it is shallow to be concerned about this, but I really wish I’d worn a brown jacket instead.) However, my years of utter indifference to clothing or what people think about it came in handy. The moral of the story is that fashion is indeed vanity, and so I served as a nice illustration of the Ash Wednesday readings about that. 🙂

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