Spy Wednesday

Apparently, one of the old names for Holy Wednesday is Spy Wednesday. It wasn’t dedicated to your friendly neighborhood intelligence officer, however, but to Judas’ betrayal of Christ (and becoming an ‘agent’ of the chief priests).

Maronites from Lebanon have a more positive tradition; they call it Job’s Wednesday. It’s counted as the beginning of summer, and women are not to sweep out the house that day, as that would attract ants.

Sadly, we’ve already missed the chance to celebrate Painful Friday (the Friday before Holy Week) and Lazarus Saturday.

A rather nice poem about Spy Wednesday with good illustrations (though the Judas redemption line sounds odd).


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2 responses to “Spy Wednesday

  1. But isn’t the Friday in Passion Week/before Holy Week the Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady?

    But Spy Wednesday is cool!Never heard of it before!

  2. “Dolor” means “pain” as well as “sorrow”. Hence, Painful Friday _is_ the Feast of the Seven Sorrows. 🙂

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