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Song Setting: “Angele Dei”

My copy of the Compendium hasn't come yet, and Books & Co. still hasn't gotten any in, either. Meanwhile, all the other Catholic bloggers are enjoying it. I just have to offer it up. (You know, I notice God has been giving me lots of opportunity to offer things up lately. Perhaps He's trying to tell me something.) 🙂 

Anyway… one of the features of the Compendium is that it's got a good chunk of "common Catholic prayers" (many not so common these days) in an appendix at the back. And apparently the bishops (or at least the Pope) wish all of us faithful to memorize 'em, like we should have done back in grade school. (I sigh at all the hard work ahead of me, but secretly look forward to a little memorization. 'S fun.)

Inspired by the Cafeteria Is Closed podcast of the Latin prayers in the Compendium, I think I'm going to try setting some of them to music. (Lots easier to memorize, that way.)

Here's a starter for you. It's a setting of the original (c. 11th century) Latin version of the common "Angel of God, my guardian dear" prayer. I really like the original, which I had no idea existed. You can also sing the English version to this setting.

Angele Dei,
qui custos es mei,
me tibi commissum
pietate superna.
Hodie/Hac nocte
custodi, rege,
et guberna.


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