As the Bog Turns

Today, the National Museum of Ireland issued a clarification stating that the Psalm 83 they mentioned in their press release was in fact Psalm 83/84. However, in the audio interview with NPR given by one of the museum guys, he specifically said that parts of both Psalms 82/83 and 83/84 were visible. (Though NPR’s attached article says it’s only Psalm 83/84.)

So… we’re back to Paleography: The Home Game — or in this case, palebography!

UPDATE: Apparently the words in the middle of the 3rd line are supposed to be “valle lacrimarum”. That would make the start of the next line “dator ibunt”. Man, this is a rough game to play at home.

(BTW: Why does NPR, which is funded by the public and the government, make its programming only available to those with the latest versions of Real Player or Windows Media Player? Why don’t they use any open standards, which would be more compatible with their publicly funded mission? Instead, they are purely shilling for corporations. Even the BBC isn’t that shameless; the Beeb works upon occasion to make their stuff backwards-compatible. So much for NPR caring for the poor, especially those who can’t afford new processors and computers to carry new operating systems.)


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