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Some Happy Anime News….

Ursula K. LeGuin no longer has any worries about finances — except maybe paying taxes. Gedo Senki (The Ged Chronicles), a movie set in Earthsea — mostly adapting The Farthest Shore — and directed by Goro Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazaki’s son) is making big bucks.

However, it appears that the whole Sci-Fi Network debacle was PAYBACK! Yes, twenty years ago, Ursula’s agent TURNED DOWN poor Mr. Miyazaki’s request to make a movie of Earthsea. Now, this was in fact necessary for humanity’s good, as it resulted in the making of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, which in turn was a major influence on anime’s development and on anime fandom in the United States. But if Ursula and her agent had just been watching Star Blazers and trusted Miyazaki, they could have been laughing their way to the bank for the last twenty years. But no, instead they chose to wait, and trust people who made Ged blond. PAYBACK has ensued.

But God is good to fools, drunks, and sf writers who smoke pipes, and so LeGuin was given another chance to help a new director start his career — and this time she accepted and has been repaid. Let us all be so fortunate.

NTV has decided to commemorate the 10th year in production of Meitantei Conan (Great Detective Conan — US title: Case Closed) with a live action dorama. This should be amusing!

Toonzone’s got an interesting review of Paranoia Agent up, since the bizarre little show returned to Cartoon Network’s Saturday night Adult Swim last night. I think the reviewer’s right about Paranoia Agent being written as an antidote to all the excessive hopefulness about technology. Or at least that’s the only way one can make sense of the opening theme song and credits, which are so weird that Cartoon Network airs them uncut. But yes, this is one show that definitely believes in a fallen world. Airing that next to Full Metal Alchemist and Ghost in the Shell was possibly one of the weirdest American TV lineups ever.


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