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An Interesting Project

Btw, when I was visiting Will Shetterly’s blog, it turned out that he’s got a rather interesting project going. Apparently, he’s doing the “translate the Bible without footnotes” thing. He’s translating “Elohim” as gods, and treating Jacob and the angel as a tussle with a minor river god… that sort of thing.

On the one hand, I can understand the lure of translating. OTOH, it seems kinda pointless. There is a translation out there for every day of the year, and the “Distinguished Fantasy Writer Bible” is not something I ever felt a pressing need for. Also, kinda silly to dump tradition, when you need tradition to understand works like the The Tale of Genji, much less a collection of books that start a lot older.

On the gripping hand, though, who am I to discourage folks from weird projects? And if Shetterly is God-haunted enough to translate the flippin’ Bible from scratch, it seems ill-advised to discourage him. He does seem interested in the covenant, which isn’t bad.

It’s just… I worry about people who start out projects without a firm grounding, and of course most folks in fandom (who are likely to read it) don’t have a very firm grounding themselves. It’s like if my mom told me to go get a job, but I had no clue that this implied “Don’t get a job as a prostitute, a hit woman, or an inside trader.” Some people in fandom are like that. (And of course some people in fandom know perfectly well how they’re not supposed to interpret things, and that’s why they interpret things precisely that way.) And some people in fandom are looking so hard for meaning that they’d base their lives on a typo in an obscure short story or poem. So… I wish Shetterly luck, and hope things don’t blow up in his face in some weird way.

All in all, though, this project seems the sort of thing that people more interested in Biblical scholarship than I might be interested in seeing. So here’s a link to The Seeker’s Bible and The Seeker’s New Testament.



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