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A Little Too Close to Nature

My parents and I went out to the cemetery today. After one of our stops, I walked up to the back of the car and saw a very round greyish cat’s behind sticking out from under the back of the car. I bent over and said, “Hi, kitty! Better get out from under the car….”

The “cat” turned around, pulled its tail out from under it, and revealed itself to be a raccoon.

Well, I stepped back automatically, expecting the raccoon to do the same. (Or hiss. Or beg for food. Or scuttle away on its own business.)

But it didn’t. Didn’t move at all. Settled itself back down under the car. Odd.

My dad and mom were coming up to the car, so I warned them to watch out. Mom got into the front seat. We decided that the best procedure was for Dad to pull forward; then I could get into the car without spooking the raccoon orĀ  inadvertently taking it for a ride. Dad did so.

The raccoon sat there. After a moment, it looked around dazedly and realized the car was gone. It got up and shambled disconnectedly across the road, all its legs hitching and dragging.

At this point, the creep-o-meter went off, and we all looked at each other and said, “Rabies. The last stages.” And there has been rabies in our area this year. So we drove back around and told the cemetery staff what we’d seen where, and what we suspected. They looked equally green and said they’d take care of it.

I am soooo glad I didn’t touch it. *shiver*

So the moral of the story is… don’t pet an animal unless you’ve seen its head. (And speak to one from a little farther away than I did.)

(Btw: The parents and I did take our dog Liath to the local Blessing of the Animals on Saturday, and got prayed over ourselves. So if there’s any connection between that and our current non-rabid state… yay for God and St. Francis!)


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Pro-Life Blogburst

Just for a moment, let’s suppose it’s not a baby.

So… young women are pressured by society, their relatives, or their significant others — legally! — into purchasing peace or a decent living by having a pound or two of flesh vacuumed out of their bodies from their most private bits of innards. After this payment in blood, said young women will not recover in a hospital; they will be sent home to deal with the aftereffects and post-vacuuming trauma on their own. Alternately, the girls will be given drugs to make them expel these bits into their toilets. For millions of American women, this is not something they will suffer only once.

Obviously, all feminists and liberals are against this barbaric ritual, which is even more invasive than female circumcision. Of course they support crisis pregnancy centers, providing every kind of aid to improve the lives of young women and get them away from these horrendous “procedures”.

You mean, they don’t? They aren’t?

Why not?

(Feminists for Life does care.)

Big Blue Wave organized a pro-life blogburst for Respect Life Sunday, which I found out about via Happy Catholic. It’s a bit late for me to join in, but better late than never!

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