A Few Noteworthy Fanfics

The nature of fanfic sites, and following recommendations, is that there are going to be good things that you like surrounded by bad bits you don’t like. But the beauty of recommendations and search engines is that they make it so much easier to find the bits you’ll like.

“An Update on the Holo-Actors’ Strike on Gyanni-Cha”, by Cynthia Martin. Qui-Gon reports to the Jedi Council — Wodehouse style. Also by the same author, “The Code of the Watchers” which isn’t really an R.

And did I mention the Sayers/Wodehouse crossover “Green Ice” by Adina?

Or Malini’s Austen/Wodehouse crossover “Two for Tee”?
The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash, a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by…somebody. Gusty Winds, perhaps.

“Like Iron”, by Anduniel. A short Tolkien fanfic about Fili and Kili’s mother Dis, which starts dry and ends with moisture in the eye.

“Clarke’s Law” by Isis. Because the world needed a Stargate Atlantis crossover with the world’s most popular children’s book series.

And finally, a brand new crossover in progress, bringing together the supreme lord of snark, Dr. Gregory House — and ex-surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, who in the world of Marvel Comics is Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme!

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