That Horrible Sinking Feeling of Doooooom!

It’s the feeling you get when you’re not really awake yet, and then you remember that yesterday, you never got around to updating that post on romances — you were going to remove the partial review of Lois McMaster Bujold’s new book, because you’d only gotten part way through and it really wasn’t on topic anyway? The bit where you really were just bitching about a single scene you didn’t like?

And then, you find out that the post’s been linked to.

By the Bujold list.

Yep, that’s the feeling. I just thought I’d share. Before I even go look at what folks said. Because I used to be on that list, and some of the people there even know me….

(It’s not that I regret what I said, mind you. But I don’t really believe in bitching about good writers and books without putting the whole thing into context, or finishing the book. Or perhaps finding a kinder way to say what I mean, as I don’t want to discourage people. Also, I admit that my mood was not particularly good when I wrote what I did, which is hardly Bujold’s fault.)

So, anyway. Let me go finish the book (hey, Sarah Jane’s comeback episode was on last night!), and then write a real review and put it up. And then I’ll go read myself being pilloried or inappropriately championed or whatever. And then… I think I’ll move away and leave no forwarding address! 🙂

UPDATE: Thank you, Lord. They were only following the old links to my Chalion/Spanish history post.

*Maureen sighs with relief* If I’m going to be pilloried, I want to be pilloried for my mature and considered opinions! 🙂


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2 responses to “That Horrible Sinking Feeling of Doooooom!

  1. Kate P

    I never got into M. Lackey (when I heard about what the “heroes” were like I was put off) but my friends from high school were. . . I was too busy writing my own fantasy novel, which, as your “romance” post reminded me, I often worry is TOO “romantic” to fit into the fantasy genre–and too “clean” (gasp!) to be taken seriously by adults. Add to that the 16 year old kid who has those 2 dragon novels published already, and I don’t quite feel encouraged to finish my story (and its sequel). Sigh.

    Do you ever try your hand at writing?

  2. Maureen

    I wouldn’t really worry about your fantasy novel being too romance-oriented. Right now, that is actually a good thing. It means that potentially, you could sell it either to a fantasy or a romance publisher, as the romance publishers’ fantasy lines (like Luna) are going gangbusters. Also, I’d say that both fantasy and romance readers are crossing over more than ever before. (Buffy and Charmed took the curse off fantasy for a lot of formerly non-fannish people.)

    As for “clean” — well, there probably are publishing lines catering to that, too. (Young Adult, Christian publishers, or smaller lines I don’t know.) If you really want to know the state of the genres, find a copy of the Writer’s Guide for this year and read the submission guidelines for the various publishers very carefully. It may be that they want more “clean” submissions than they’re getting, at certain publishers.

    Do I write? Well, I am very good at writing 5-20 pages of a story. As long as I can complete the story within that length, I’m golden! 🙂 I’ve also written a few longer pieces, but it’s pretty much all fanfiction set in other people’s worlds. I know that other people have successfully changed fanfics into original fiction. But I have a lot of trouble even imagining doing so with mine.

    My imagination is a pretty fixed thing. This can be good (seeing everything as parts of a a whole) but it can be very bad (I find throwing away drafts and total rewrites a traumatic concept). You should not copy my example! 🙂

    Believe me, however, that no matter how much I like and respect any author, I will never be as harsh a critic of that author’s work as I am of my own. The very fact that any of my work is on the Net is a sign that I have relaxed my standards disastrously. 🙂

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