St. Ava

Ava is the 9th most popular baby girl’s name in the US. I don’t know where, as I’ve never met anybody who’d even named their kid Eve. But clearly, somewhere this is occurring.

St. Ava was the daughter of one of the King Pepin’s. After being miraculously regaining her sight thanks to St. Rainfredis, she became a nun and later an abbess at Dinart, in Hainault. Her feastday is April 29.


The Dictionary of Saintly Women, Volume 1, says that Bucelin said that Ava was the daughter of Adelbert, Count of Austrofandia, and Regina, niece of King Pepin.

Here’s St. Ava’s listing in the Acta Sanctorum for April. In Latin.

A very informative story about her miraculous healing. In French. This Ava she went on a ton of pilgrimages and offered rich gifts at many shrines, but an angel directed her to St. Regenfredis/Renfroi’s tomb. After she got her sight back, she decided to stay there at Denain as a nun in gratitude to God; and eventually she became abbess.

St. Ava’s listing in an old German encyclopedia of saints.

A different Ava, St. Ava the Powerful (die Kraeftige), from Melk in Austria. Her feastday is February 7. She was the mother of two sons who became priests. When widowed, she became an anchoress, and she wrote poems on “John,” “The Life of Jesus,” “The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” “Antichrist,” and “The Last Judgment.”



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15 responses to “St. Ava

  1. ava

    well, my name is ava, and the name started getting popular about two years after i was born. i have never met anyone else named ava, but i know some people who have. but i feel sad because i have never liked my name (nobody ever likes their own name) but now i feel like the only good thing about it, it’s originality, is being taken away from me.

  2. Maureen

    Well, I feel for you. It used to be that I was the only person named Maureen whom I knew, but now I know quite a few! It’s disconcerting for those of us with unusual names to hear someone calling that name and not have it be for you.

    But after a while, it starts to feel good to have company. And it’s still a pretty darned unusual name, after all.

  3. Meredith

    well i understand how you feel … i used to be the only Meredith in my school but al of a sudden there were like 50,000,000 others with MY name … it use to bother me but now i don’t mind it as much … execpt some teachers would spell my name weird

  4. Oleivia

    well my mom and dad were going to name me “Avita” Ava for short but than they changed there mind i guess but I’ve never met any one with the same name as me I’ve met Olivia”s but not Oleivia’s i love my name because its different from everybody else’s

  5. lianne

    yeah, my name is lianne. i only know like one person other than me with that name, and its not even spelled the same,
    i know how you feel lol. but it’s cool because i feel unique (:

  6. i love this saint<3333333

  7. happy

    i have a friend called ava but that is the only preson i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s i am asomezt

  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmm

    mi friends r called cassie lol melissa lol miiam lol jovita lol michela lol sonia lol and julia lol
    mnm sup bro

  9. aVALON

    my name is avalon but ppl call me ava yup never met an avalon before have u? [CENSORED]

    • Avalon is a lovely name. It’s the legendary Apple (avall) Island of the Welsh otherworld, closely related to British/Irish legends of Eden, the Summer Country of Somerset and/or Byzantium, the pilgrim haven of Glastonbury of the monks (which of course was once an island), and of the Isle of Man (Emain Abhlach) in Irish legend. It is the land of “going west” toward Heaven.

  10. kenly

    Needs looooooootttttttsssssss more info on ava. Im doing my confirmation soon and i need info!!!!!!!

  11. jade

    I know there is little tiny bits of info everywere but its all the same i so need info comfirmation in a month ahhhhh

    • I’m sorry I don’t have more info for you, but really it’s pretty amazing that we have this much info about someone who lived 1300 years ago. Still, it’s been a long time since I put this post together; there might be a lot more info available now.

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