If Only Protestant Pastors Could Marry….

Dennis Bowling, pastor of the Kingdom Harvest Church in Riverside, has been arrested for raping and assaulting at least a dozen women and girls over at least a ten year period. Allegedly, some of the rapes occurred while on mission trips at Haiti, but most occurred in the church. Police are very interested in finding out if non-church members in Ohio were also raped by Bowling, as the women claim he raped Haitian women, too.

Bowling is married with children.


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2 responses to “If Only Protestant Pastors Could Marry….

  1. this just goes to show that the devil is hard at work trying to take his toll.

  2. Yes, there’s no profession or place that’s safe from the Devil and human nature. Which doesn’t mean we have to give into it, of course; we just have to look out for it.

    But a lot of people think rapists and pedophiles and the like are driven to their behavior by not having lawful access to a woman; whereas most of the real scum are married and have children, and still have plenty of time and energy to pursue nefarious behavior on the side. Having a wife and kids is good cover for them, and gives them somebody to mistreat without leaving home.

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