Why I Wish My Parents Were on the Net, Part 4000

When you’re talking to your mother about an online annoying person, and she assumes at once that he’s some kind of stalker troll.

When you try to explain that someone can be annoying without being an actual troll, and you learn that her magazine sources have worked up trolls to be some kind of online bully stalkers who are worthy of fear, as opposed to a minor annoyance of online life.

When she gives you the novel advice that you should steadfastly ignore trolls while looking up their antecedents and complaining to their ISPs. Because nobody’s ever heard of doing such a thing before.

When you try to explain that you’ve been dealing with trolls since before the Forever Autumn, so you don’t need advice from talk shows about it, and by the way, this guy isn’t a troll, he’s just annoying….

I’m working on that patience thing. Really I am.


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3 responses to “Why I Wish My Parents Were on the Net, Part 4000

  1. TSO

    She must’ve watched O’Reilly. He had on a victim of a troll.

  2. The princess in Rumpelstiltskin? Or the surviving Billy Goat Gruff?

  3. +JMJ+

    My mom worries even more. Her blood pressure rises whenever I mention anybody atl all whom I’ve encountered on the Internet. Well, anybody male, that is . . . 🙂

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