Llanbeblig Book of Hours

I’ve never seen these particular illuminations before, but some of them are very striking!

The angel Gabriel kneeling before Mary at the Annunciation. The lily on the table contains a vision of the crucified Christ. But the chibi crucifix thing is a bit odd….

A very nice drawing of Mary and the Christ child,  also showing how a breastfeeding woman’s clothing would look.

Jesus Christ on the cross, with the Father and the Holy Spirit being with Him in His agony. A nice combination of affirming the Trinity and the impassibility of the Divine Persons, while not denying Jesus’ suffering and humanity. But yeah, that chibi crucifix thing is stranger in this drawing! I guess maintaining unity of composition within the book is important, though….


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4 responses to “Llanbeblig Book of Hours

  1. The “Lily Crucifix” was a theme found in medieval English art and seems to have represented Mary’s “Compassion”, her sharing in the Passion of Christ.

  2. That’s neat. I’ll have to look for more examples.

    But since small = cute, the chibi-ness is hard to escape when it’s one element in a picture. Or maybe I just take it that way because I’m not used to this portrayal.

  3. Petros

    I do wonder why anyone tries to represent the TRINITY in art though.

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