February 1 in the Irish Martyrologies

From Gorman:

For kalaind find Febru
Brigit ard-ogh Erenn,
Derlugdach leo rademm
Pion, Ignait, Effremm,
Beoin, Cinne chaemhfind,
Airennan non-alemm,
Cattan trednach tennocc,
Mo-Celloc in cadhseng.

On February’s white calends:
Brigit, the high virgin of Ireland;
Der-lugdach; let’s mention with them
Pionius; Ignatius; Ephrem;
Beoin; dear white Cinne;
Airennan whom we supplicate;
Cattan, abstinent, stern warrior;
My Celloc, the holy slender.

NOTE: St. Der-lugdach was St. Brigit’s successor as
abbess of Kildare.

From Oengus:

D. calendis Februarii.

Morait calaind Febrai
fross martir mar ngledenn,
Brigit ban balc nualann,
cenn caid caillech n-Erenn.

They magnify February’s calends,
a shower of great, pure-hued martyrs:
Brigit the fair, strong, praiseworthy,
chaste head of Ireland’s nuns.



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