Nose-Clearing Potion of Dooooom (+1 vs. Sinus Infection)

Make a cup of lemon ginger tea.

(I use Stash Tea. Beats the religious cult company any day.)

Add a pleasing amount of whisky or whiskey.

(At the moment, I have Speyburn, a single malt from Scotland. But any decent whisky or whiskey should do.)

Add a good sprinkling of turmeric and cardamom. (If you have cardamom-flavored Horlick’s malt for malted milk, that’s very tasty indeed.)

Add honey. (Add milk if you like; that’d probably be tasty.)

Stir. Drink. Rediscover your nasal passages. The effects last about an hour to an hour and a half.

Just don’t try to drive anywhere.

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