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Prayer Request

UPDATE: Fr. Rob Johansen did not have a heart attack. He says he is completely okey-dokey.

We can still pray for his health, of course…. 🙂


Fr. Rob Johansen of Thrown Back is reported to have had a heart attack and is in bad shape. Please pray for him.


Via Mark Shea.

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RIP, Mr. Yeltsin

He was a political hack, a drunk, ruled pretty poorly, and had many shady friends. But for all that, he set his country free.

It is fitting that he died upon St. George’s Day — the day, both in East and West, of a slayer of dragons.

May the angels lead you into Paradise; may the martyrs receive you at your coming and lead you into the holy city of Jerusalem….

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Top Ten Reasons to Own a Handgun

Well, I’ll probably never buy a gun, because my hand/eye coordination stinks (which is why I prefer to fling large things). But honestly, this Gopnik fellow makes me want to run right out and buy me one.

You don’t need hand/eye coordination for shotguns, though….

ANyway, since Mr. Gopnik does allow as how people can go huntin’ with one of them there rifles, but opines, “There is no reason that any private citizen in a democracy should own a handgun”, I thought of a few reasons, just for his unimaginative benefit. So here are:

The Top Ten Reasons to Own a Handgun

10. Shooting a handgun at the range is a lot safer sport than snowboarding. Also, it involves very small explosives, which snowboarding does not.

9. “The police will be there in fifteen minutes, ma’am.”

8. You ought to get full value from the Bill of Rights, seeing as you pay taxes for it.

7. Shooting has always sounded like a fun father/daughter activity. Especially if Dad tells her boyfriend all about it.

6. Cellphones die. Handguns don’t have batteries. And shotguns don’t fit in your purse.

5. Because stalkers and crazy ex-boyfriends pay such close attention to court orders, and court orders are so easy to get.

4. Mr. Colt is Mr. Feminist.

3. Concealed carry — a very present help in times of trouble. Because God helps those who help themselves.

2. Grenades are a bit hard on local property values, and Mr. Pin is difficult to put back.

And the number one reason to own a handgun:

1. Shooting and smoking tobacco are the only recreational activities that shock people anymore.


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I’m Not Talking Character; I’m Talking Rage.

The shocking thing about the whole VT stuff is that, apparently, most people do not have to choke down instant rage reactions when anything really big happens.

You get all these self-righteous “You don’t know what you’d do! You’re just posturing!” Um, it’s not posturing for a lot of us.

I’ve spent a good many years training myself consciously to resist the impulse to throw a chair or a desk at some jerk who was just taunting me in school. So if somebody was spraying the classroom with bullets and I didn’t die in the first seconds, I’d be working out my issues on the shooter. I probably wouldn’t even notice being shot, because we have a few berzerker tendencies in the family. (And because I didn’t care a bit in the past about being hurt in moments of rage, or feel it as more than a quickly forgotten fact until after the rage had passed. Not fun, by the way.) That doesn’t make me better than other people, certainly. It gives me the definite potential to do something very bad. But it’s a useful thing in that sort of situation. (The rest of the time, it’s a lot of work. People think I’m nice and mild-mannered, when really I just work hard to act that way.)

Now, seeing as how I’m an average-sized woman with only an average-sized woman’s share of testosterone, and seeing as how my genetic makeup is a mutt blend of the most common American ethnic groups, one would think that there would be a lot of fellow berzerkers-under-stress wandering about the halls of any American university, and that there’d be more males among ’em. But apparently not — or other people are more successful in training this out of themselves completely.

Of course, if you’re not confident that your nerves are just praying for a chance to beat the crud out of someone without guilt and then bleed all over ’em, it’s more important to spend time planning what you would do in the event of an unexpected attack. Because that day may well come.

Women don’t have the luxury of thinking that nothing will ever happen to us. Yeah, it’s possible and desirable that we will never face the threat of rape, but you can’t bet on it. You have to be aware when you’re walking down the street or walking out to your car, and you have to have some sort of plan of what to do if you’re attacked. Sure, you might get raped anyway, and of course it’s the rapist’s fault, not the victim’s. But it would be so much more satisfying to stick your fingers in the rapist’s eyes than to be a victim, ne?

Would you rather complain about people blaming the victim, or have the chance to try not to be a victim?

Then think. Plan. And critique what other people in the same situation have done in the past, so that you don’t make their mistakes.


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You Know What Would Be Neat?

A mystery series for kids where the protagonist was Catholic. Heck, you could even be extravagant and make all the main characters Catholic! Three friends living in the same neighborhood. Maybe one would be a homeschooler, one at parochial school, and one at public school. Then nobody would feel left out. 🙂

Of course, the premise of a kid detective, or group of kid detectives, is obviously a fantasy one today. Kids aren’t allowed to have spare time or go jauntering about on bikes or on foot in their neighborhood out of sight of the parents, much less go around researching and solving mysteries.  Also, it’s statistically unlikely that any of your close neighbors would belong to the same religion as you, much less go to the same church. But it would still be cool.

Nobody was ever Catholic in my favorite childhood books, except the saint stories. It got pretty tiresome to pingpong from the saints’ world, where usually everyone was Catholic (including the bad guys) to a world where nobody was ever Catholic, and nobody even walked by a Catholic church.

I suspect this is part of why Andrew Greeley makes so many sales, even among people who aren’t particularly fond of his politics or theology. You can’t deny that he does a good basic job of showing other American Catholics living life, and we hunger for that. Of course, the blogosphere and EWTN do help fill those needs, but I would still like more fiction books aimed at my demographic!


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Emily of New Moon — Upcoming Anime Series

As some of you may know, Montgomery’s pretty popular with Japanese readers. “Red-Haired Anne” is a beloved childhood icon, and Japanese tourists visit the setting of the Anne of Green Gables novels on a regular basis. I’m pretty sure there’s been a good number of Anne anime adaptations already.

But here’s a new one: Emily of New Moon, complete with a trailer to watch. The series starts April 28, so you can start looking for it soon from online anime sources. Its Japanese name is Kaze no Shoujo Emily (Wind Girl Emily). I’m afraid it’s unlikely to be licensed to any American anime sources, since none of the preceding ones have been, and the anime boom seems to be tailing off. You can read the novel here.


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Fanfic Noted

Jinxed-Wood apparently likes Highlander. And Highlander/Doctor Who. And Highlander/Firefly. And Highlander/Veronica Mars. And….

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