Audiobooks in English for Russians?

Yes, it sounds pretty wacky. But apparently some of the young American actors in Russia are being employed by Studiya Ardis to make audiobooks in English, of stories originally written in that tongue. That way, Russians can keep up with their English. Similar audiobooks are available of classic stories in French, and so on.

So if you have a favorite Russian mp3 site which you use for keeping up with your favorite Russian bands, you can also get yourself some fairly decent audiobooks. The Agatha Christie one was pretty good, and now Studiya Ardis is offering a few sf stories by Bradbury, Simak — and of course the Russians’ much beloved Sheckley!

Also, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from beating the Russians at their own game, by buying audiobooks in Russian of classic Russian stories, and then reading along to keep up with your foreign languages. 🙂


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