Yet Another Gaping Hole in Accessible Knowledge

St. Robert Bellarmine is widely accepted as having been (besides saint and theologian) one of the prime proponents of the morality of overthrowing tyrants and the untruth of the divine right of kings, and a big inspiration to both Locke and America’s Founding Fathers.

Now, how many political books by the sainted Bellarmine, in English, are freely available on the Web?

Zero. Zilch. Nonnnnnnne. Not even in Latin, as far as I can tell.

Now, there’s just no reason for this. For one thing, Our Friends the Recusants were big Bellarmino fans, and translated tons of his stuff into English. For another, you’d think that somebody would have got off their duff and digitized something.


Now, has both The Art of Dying Well and Christian Doctrine available in Latin and translated into other languages. Spanish. Italian. Portuguese. Albanese, whatever that is. Even Serbo-Croatian! But no English.


(Yes, I know about Early English Books Online (EEBO). I also know that it ain’t free. Anybody wishing to donate me a subscription will receive endless podcasts of material which went out of copyright before this country even existed.)

UPDATE: We have a winnah! Our friends at the University of Toronto and have provided us with a digital copy, in English, of The Eternal Happiness of the Saints (also at MSN) and The Art of Dying Well  (at MSN).  Yay!

Still no political works, though. A bit trying.

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  1. Visited his remains just this week.

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