The Unbearable Loathing of Passwords

I went to spend money on Baen’s site, and found they’ve changed their rules. Apparently, since they now sell “men’s adventure” (aka semi-pornographic crap books like that stomach-turning Ghost series), they’ve decided not to let you use your hard-earned credit card unless you promise you’re over 13.

Oh, yeah, and they want you to change your password, too.

Forget it. I hate passwords, I hate the horse they rode in on, I can’t remember the things anyway, and I’m sick of the whole thing. With all the weird, sick books Baen has been putting out the last few years, and all the predominance of alternate history (always my least favorite genre!) and space opera (okay, but my plate’s full) over any other form of science fiction, and not to mention all the anti-Catholic crap they keep putting between covers… well, maybe it’s time to give up spending money with Baen at all.

Although I would have to make an exception for David Drake’s new RCN book, because that’s David Drake.

And yes, I know we need passwords. And no, I wouldn’t prefer my retina or a chip under my skin. But good cripes on toast, there’s too many passwords.


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3 responses to “The Unbearable Loathing of Passwords

  1. Bianca

    So use one password for all. It saves on the headache. Ghost series??????? Isn’t that John Ringo? If so how can you compare him to whats her name, laura k hamilton ?Can you be more explicit by what you mean by anticatholic?

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  3. The idea of Ringo’s _Ghost_ series is that there’s this guy who’s a superduper soldier, with a rather dark outlook — which includes a nearly constant temptation to rape women. So he gets this cadre of gun-toting cheerleaders who like it rough to hang around with him, so that he’ll never be driven to rape anybody, and so he also has his own jiggly special forces team.

    The whole idea of harems as rape prevention tools is stomach-turning on so many levels. So yeah, I think Ringo’s slightly less explicit kinkiness is actually worse p*rn than Laurel K. Hamilton, because she doesn’t really understand dark as well as she understands stupid. Admittedly a difficult choice to make, though.

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