The Ames Hymn Collection

The Ames Hymn Collection is a lot smaller than the Cyberhymnal, but it includes a lot of old-fashioned Catholic songs and MIDIs. Check it out.

Lambillotte’s “On This Day, O Beautiful Mother”, which the choir sang on Mother’s Day, is in there. The only thing the MIDI doesn’t do is that hover-y thing on certain notes that the traditional arrangement does, or the slide from the end of the verse to the beginning of the refrain. And the four-part harmony, of course. But you’ll get the basic idea very well. (And I wish I’d found this site on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, when I was trying to bone up on this “new song”!)

(I love Cyberhymnal, as of course all right-minded persons do. 🙂 However, when you go to a site for hymns and Mary isn’t even a topic; there aren’t any Marian-related hymns under Mothers, and “Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest” isn’t even on the list for Pentecost, you can surely tell that your vast majority of Catholic hymns are being just slightly omitted.) 🙂

UPDATE: Fixed broken link. Sorry about that.

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  1. This is excellent. The chant with midi-guitar accompaniment is kind of odd, but I’ll take it. He needs to get at least one “Panis Angelicus” setting, though.

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