YASID (Yet Another Story ID)

Dean Esmay wants to know if anybody remembers a book. It was about a kid whose science experiment went wrong, making his left arm abnormally strong. Suddenly a little league righty was a big league lefty. In the end, the kid’s left arm goes back to normal, and he wins the big league game as a normal kid righty!

Esmay was reminded of this book when he ran across the movie Rookie of the Year, in which a kid’s arm breaks and then heals fast and strong. So it’s not that one! 🙂 Maybe the folks at Loganberry Books know what this thing is?


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4 responses to “YASID (Yet Another Story ID)

  1. Wow — I didn’t know you provided this service, too. I’ve been trying to track down a book I had in first or second grade (1969-71). It was a little paperback bestiary put out by Weekly Reader or Scholastic. Its illustrations formed my imagination as much as those of any book this side of The Children’s Bible. In its pages I met the manticore and the hydra, the unicorn and such. I’d love to see it again. (So would my daughter Rosemary, for whom the book has itself become a fantastic mythic beast.)

  2. Could it have been T.H. White’s A Book of Beasts? That’s a good one.

    Loganberry Books also lists _A Child’s Bestiary_ by John Champlin Gardner, which sounds a bit more likely for Scholastic. Were there poems?

  3. I have White’s book. That’s lovely, but it’s not the one. The book I had was much smaller. I don’t remember poems. I do remember short descriptions and, of course, the illustrations. I’ll look up the Gardner.

  4. A little digging rules out Gardner. He’s too late.

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