Concoction: Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua

Apparently, one is supposed to construct a White Russian with equal parts Kahlua and cream, and then twice as much vodka over it all. One of my coworkers sent a friend to get him one, but the barkeep misheard the recipe and gave him equal parts Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream plus twice as much vodka. (One might perhaps call this powerful drink an Irish Russian?)

I saw all this, and figured a small glass of equal parts Kahlua and Bailey’s would be pretty good. It was. It was still pretty powerful, though the Kahlua kept me quite awake!

(This must not have been the first time someone has misheard or been inspired. This recipe for a Kahlua Mudslide is equal parts vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey’s, with twice as much CREAM. Probably a lot safer and better for your calcium, although undoubtedly fattening. Putting ice into the drink seems a bit cruel to the liqueur, however. Just keep your Bailey’s in the fridge for a bit before you serve it, if you like the flavor brought out by cold.)



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2 responses to “Concoction: Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua

  1. Chips

    Bailey’s and Kahlua (or Irish Cream and coffee liqueur) are the basis of many drinks.

    Add milk/cream, it’s a mudslide.

    Kahlua, Bailey’s, + amaretto, (without the milk/cream) it’s a B-52, which you’ve surely heard of.

    Kahlua, Bailey’s +butterscotch schnapps, it’s a buttery nipple.

    Layered: Kahlua, Frangelico, Bailey’s, in that order. It’s a Decadence, or an F-16, or some other name.

    It’s difficult to find all the various recipes, because sometimes the recipe calls for the generic (Irish cream, coffee liqueur), other times the brand (Kahlua, Tia Maria, Bailey’s, Carolan’s, Duggan’s). Most of the time, you’ll find recipes callling for the generic of one, the brand name of the other.

    And sometimes, you can use the same ingredients but get different drinks by 1) layering (also known as a pousse cafe), 2) blending with ice and/or [milk, ice cream, cream, soy milk, rice milk, etc] 3) shaking well with ice and straining into a glass, 4) tossing everything into a glass over the rocks, and so on.

  2. LMR

    Got a laugh regarding the Irish Russian! What a great idea, I just never thought of it. Next time, I’ll leave it in the fridge.

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