Harry Potter [Here Be Spoileriffic Comments]

If you want spoiler comments, please look in the comment box. If not, don’t.

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One response to “Harry Potter [Here Be Spoileriffic Comments]

  1. 1. On the whole, a good book. Rowling continues to be set-up heavy, as she has been since Book 4. We do have editors for these things, of course, but alas, nobody seems to deploy them.

    2. Good rousing finish. Clever speeding up of the huge number of potential Horcrux plot coupons. Usually it’s the villain who makes the hero do the drudge work; this time, it’s the other way around.

    3. Snape and Pettigrew’s plot threads were tied up, but… too briefly and shallowly for the storytelling energy of their tale. I know there was a lot going on in this book, but…. If God gives you character gold, and people invest in it with you, it’s silly to spend it too quickly.

    4. Bloodbath was justified with some characters, and the short, harsh treatment worked well. However, many of the later character deaths really were a bit too incidental. See above criticism.

    5. Darn it, I was kinda hoping that Lupin was being impersonated by Pettigrew, and that Snape was playing Dumbledore in the cave. Where were all the traitors, darn it!? I wanted at least one!

    6. Some parts just didn’t feel emotionally polished, if that makes sense — the pacing of revelations was odd, too. Things that should have been important weren’t, and things that were important to the book didn’t necessarily tie threads together.

    7. You go, Molly. 🙂

    8. A.S.P. spells Slytherin to me. 😉

    9. Ron, Ginny, and Harry’s stories were satisfactorily rounded out. It’s just some of the others I’m disappointed about. Still, there’s plenty of time for fanfic and the extended edition.

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