The Return of Isis!

No, not the Egyptian goddess, silly. The show.

Zephyrs that lift you on high. A science teacher with a magical amulet which once belonged to Hatshepsut, Queen and Pharaoh of the Two Egypts. You know, Mighty Isis!

It’s out on DVD! With scripts, and commentary track, and even a Spanish language track! Yay!

I know, it wasn’t all that great of a show. Even as a kid, I knew it didn’t live up to what I wanted it to be. But there was real beauty and intrigue in the basic fantasy premise, even if the restrictions of the network prevented any real drama. (Originally, the “science teacher” was supposed to be a forensic anthropologist on a state of California CSI team. Now _that_ would have been drama! Okay, so probably my parents wouldn’t have let me watch Quincy-lite, but still….) For nostalgia alone, this would be well worth it, but all the added material will really be interesting for those of us who were fans. (And there’s no boring Shazam show to sit through beforehand.)


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