Walking the Line

This weekend, GM’s Moraine truck plant (the old Frigidaire one) celebrated its 25th anniversary putting out trucks. The company threw a party of sorts, and shut the plant down so everybody could take a tour. So I went over there with my parents.

It was pretty interesting, as you’d expect. They ribboned off the areas where you could walk, put up signs here and there, and got some employees to stand around to control traffic and answer questions. (Also to keep people from getting wanderitis or wandering fingers.) There were tons of families of employees learning what Daddy or Mommy did for a living, or what Granddad used to do. There were also a few robots running (the one tossing balls was hilarious, as was the robot-programming practice area, where robots passed balls around) and some videos to watch. The massive conveyor belts, assembly lines, and car elevators were pretty amazing, although my mom just kept making comments about how small engines are, compared to back in the old days when she watched big burly men wrestle engines into cars with the aid of giant chains. 🙂

There were a few giveaways: weird spikey squeezy-soft polyethylene balls, postcards, and boxes of “Car Cookies” for the kids. (The UAW was giving away stuff, too, but nothing really memorable.)

Also, there was an exhibition of classic GM cars and current models outside the factory. This was pretty amazing. It was pretty much just local car clubs helping out, too, which goes to show how many people around here have classic cars.

It was pretty hot outside, though, and it wasn’t that cool inside the plant. So I was glad to have gone, but also glad to get back home to the A/C. 🙂

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