Paging Roger Pearse…. is down. I hope everything is okay.

UPDATE: Obviously, I didn’t find the man’s blog, where he announced that the site would be offline for the rest of the month to avoid further charges by Ye Olde ISP.

Thanks, Mike, for saving me from fretting. (I did run a search before posting, but obviously not a good enough one.)

Btw, Roger is not only responsible for perhaps the best patristics site on the Net, but has written a computer program called QuickLatin. (Which I probably need.) That site’s not down.

And the man needs money! So buy his program and send him money, quick! The Google cache and the Internet Archive just aren’t as good as the real thing. *snif*

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  1. From Roger’s blog (

    “ will be inaccessible for the remainder of the month. This is because on 30th August and 1st September my site was hit by massive overusage of the Additional Fathers url — apparently all the index page — with the result that my ISP intends to charge me $40 overusage fees unless the average drops. I can find no way to avoid this except by taking down the site and hoping for the best. My apologies to everyone.”

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