St. Elvis. Yes, Really.

Our friend Sabine Baring-Gould also alerted me to the fact that there really is a St. Elvis. He came to Wales from Munster, and he baptized the baby St. David. (His name may be a Cymricization of St. Ailbe, though. St. Ailbe, of course, is best known in legend for being the bishop raised by wolves. So Elvis was something more than a hound dog.) There is also a Welsh St. Elvis, possibly named after St. Ailbe. This one is the son of Dirdan and Danaldwen, a daughter of that same Cynyr we’ve already met with St. Anna of Gwent! So indeed, King Arthur is kin to Elvis!

St. Elvis’ Church is an old parish in Pembrokeshire, in South Wales. The name is an Anglicization of Llaneilfyw — Eilfyw’s Church. The town in which it is located, Solva, is a slurred version of “St. Elvis”. (The nearby St. Elvis’ Farm, btw, is the site of an interesting megalithic double-chambered tomb and there’s a dolmen overlooking the church. There was also a 17th-18th century silver mine. Uh huh huh.)

At least one guy thinks there’s good reason for this: the King was Welsh, and his family name was really Preseli, from the Preseli hills from whence all that Stonehenge bluestone came.

So now all of you who’ve been longing to name your kid Elvis can do so with full baptismal name justification. (Whether or not it’s wise.)

A shipwreck off Solva, chronicled by Edmund Burke.

Btw, some of this was previously covered in Roman Miscellany’s Five Catholic Facts about Elvis.


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2 responses to “St. Elvis. Yes, Really.

  1. H george

    very good myself and family live at st Elvis farm in Solva we heard all the jokes and history what a great place this is

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