Concoction Report

Eggs cooked in skillet oiled with butter-flavored vegetable oil instead of using butter or margarine.

PLUS: Eggs cooked but didn’t brown or burn.

MINUS: I couldn’t taste any butter.

NEXT TIME: Try olive oil, or go back to butter/margarine.

Banana omelet to use up overripe banana, because I didn’t have banana bread or pancake fixings and didn’t feel like baking one of those alcoholic banana things.

PLUS: Very sweet and good.

MINUS: Pretty much all you could taste was banana and egg. The cinnamon and other spices I used didn’t contrast enough to be tasted.

NEXT TIME: Maybe better with sausage or oranges, or with a non-overripe banana.

Was given a bunch of homemade turkey soup with barley and mushrooms to take home. It was very good, but I felt like I wanted to add something to it for lunch today.  Suddenly it hit me — soy sauce!

PLUS: Yummy! Soy sauce was designed to go with the earthy, hearty flavors of Japanese cooking. Turkey and mushroom seems to love soy equally well.

MINUS: None!

NEXT TIME: How did I live so long without trying turkey teriyaki?


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