Plunder, Plunder, Plunder

There’s a song on page 259 of the hymnal below by Neale and this guy Tozer, which is Neale’s adaptation of a song by “St. Stephen the Sabaite”. (I have a feeling I may have seen this adapted before. But I can’t remember where.) It’s a pretty nifty song, though of course I’ve got no clue of the tune. But honestly, it sounds like it should be a nice Southern gospel song instead.

So since I like it so much, I stole it and rewrote it!

Are you tired? Are you weary? Are you sore and depressed?
Someone’s telling you, “Come to Me, Come to Me and find rest.”
Should I go ask Him to take me, when it’s so late to go?
Oh, till earth and heaven pass away, He will not tell you No.

Are there marks to lead me to Him, marks to take as my guide?
There are wounds on His hands and feet, hands and feet and His side.
If he’s king, then where’s the bright crown that his royal brow adorns?
Oh, He wears one; yes, He wears one, but it’s made all of thorns.

If I find Him, if I follow, what reward is there here?
Many sorrows, many labors, many, many a tear.
If I hold on, and stick close to Him, what reward then at last?
Sorrow conquered, labor over, and the Jordan passed.

Finding, foll’wing, keeping, struggling — is He certain to bless?
Angels, martyrs, prophets, virgins answer yes! answer yes!


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