A Nice Quiet Start to the Morning

I actually forced myself to exercise a little this morning to the exercise channel on cable. I don’t know what it says about me that I liked this “Kick and Punch” routine better than anything else so far except the Shimmy Middle Eastern dance show…. 🙂 I hope it just means I like to be doing something other than just exercising.

The whole world and their uncle has been trying to get on archive.org this morning, since it took them two days to get the maintenance done. I finally managed to get on a little before 7:30. Then, while waiting for the FTP to upload Monday’s podcast chapters, I happened to turn on Animal Planet.

From 7 – 8 AM (EST), they have a show called Sunrise Earth. It’s the most peaceful thing I’ve seen on television in years. (Not counting EWTN, of course).

You know that part at the end of CBS’ Sunday Morning, when they go someplace outdoors and film the grass blowing in the wind, or the sea breakers, or rain? That’s Sunrise Earth, except it’s for an hour and has more commercials.

There are some mornings when I think I’m really gonna need this. (And of course, you could always tape it for later, and thus cut out the commercials.) 🙂


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