The Super Secret Can Now Be Revealed!

Gafilk in Atlanta, GA is possibly the most fun filk music convention in the world. (And the competition’s fierce, I’m telling ya!) It’s held shortly after New Year’s Day, which helps. But one of its most fun features is the Super Secret Guest, who is not announced until the beginning of December.

This year, the Super Secret Guest is…

Peter S. Beagle. Author of The Last Unicorn. Also of more really good novels and stories than you can shake a stick at. Besides that, he’s a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. And yes, at the convention, he will perform as well as do the normal boring stuff like signings, so you want to be there for that.

Moreover, Gafilk is a relatively small convention. (Only about 300-400 people.)  This is not some Dragoncon hordes-of-people, acres-of-hotels situation. So if you live in the southern US and have ever wanted to go to a filk convention (or meet Peter Beagle while hanging out with other fantasy and sf fans, for that matter), I highly recommend Gafilk. (January 11-13, 2008.)


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3 responses to “The Super Secret Can Now Be Revealed!

  1. Maureen

    If I miraculously got a bunch of money landing on my doorstep — yeah, I would. But unfortunately, I played cricket this summer and didn’t save like a smart little ant.

    Thus, I attempt to use my blog to recruit fresh blood to replace me! 🙂

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