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Hymn Tunes for Liturgy of the Hours Hymns

The Topmost Apple has been doing yeoman work to find tunes and .mp3s for all the Office hymns. Yay!



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Carols I Found a Little Late for Christmas

The Latin Library includes a very few hymns, but they’re choice.

“Qui Creavit Coelum” was written by some medieval nuns in Chester, and includes lullabye noises. That guy who wrote the blog post about how Christmas hymns weren’t Marian enough? He should see this one. Breastfeeding fans will love this verse:

lactat mater domini, lully, lully, lu,
osculatur parvulum, by, by, by, by, by,
et adorat dominum, lully, lully, lu.

There’s also a hymn that Coleridge copied down when he was in Germany from an old print. Very cute.

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Books.Google.Com finds

Latin Hymns: With English Notes, for Use in Schools and Colleges, ed. by Francis Andrew March. This looks like a pretty good compendium or reference source. However, it doesn’t necessarily tell you whether it’s the original version of the hymn or one of the rewrites. Includes a Latin hymn by Gladstone. *goggle*

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