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Roll the Bones

Rest in peace, Gary Gygax — sometime insurance agent, wargamer, groundbreaking game co-creator, Dungeonmaster, entrepreneur, novelist of sorts, and friendly guide to the D&D cartoon’s writers.

May the angels and St. Cuthbert come to meet you — and not with complaints about their stats.


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Since Julie Wanted to Know

In the last few days before the election, I got a bunch of ads for McCain (not totally spam, since I gave the Grand Old Party my phone number), a bunch of ads for Other People, one ad for a deserving local levy, and about 5000 zillion polls. No ads for any form of TV.

I’m afraid that I gave in to temptation, and notified one poor live body that we have the right to a secret ballot. Sigh. I don’t really take proper advantage of all this Lenten mortification.

I did, however, attempt to pray the Rosary today while having my teeth cleaned. It is a spiritual exercise which chiefly leaves one with a great deal of respect for those martyrs and confessors who managed to pray or sing hymns whilst having far worse things perpetrated upon them.

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In Other News

My mother’s crocuses finally bloomed today.

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Not That I Ever Vote or Get Nominated, But….

Doesn’t it make it a bit hard to vote, if you can’t even see the nominees until you log in to do the voting?

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Well, Dang! This Can’t Be Right.

The Truth Laid Bear’s Ecosystem is currently being updated — a situation which is often a source of valuable egoboo. At the moment, it says that this blog is an Adorable Little Rodent (at #20759) and that Maria Lectrix is a Flappy Bird (#24205).

Wow. I think I’m getting an altitude headache already. 🙂

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The Baby Has Landed

“Roger, Bettinellis. We copy you on the Net. You got a bunch of bloggers about to turn blue. We’re breathing again.”

Felicitations to all the Bettinellis and their extended family; and greetings to Sophia Terese, the newest parishioner in St. Blog’s!

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