Don’t Fear the Hat!

I’m sitting here awake at 4 in the morning, watching Catholic Compass on EWTN. A bunch of Catholic movie stars are saying a rosary in a Hollywood church, interspersed with dramatizations of the Glorious Mysteries, and then each Mystery capped off with a song. The year of production is 1950, I believe.

During the church scenes, would you care to guess how many girls or women are wearing veils?

One. Said veil is part of her hat, and is apparently made of net that swirls up into the air above her head.

How many women are wearing every kind of cute little hats perched on the very top of their heads?

Most of them.

How many are wearing big garden hats?

Only one.

And now one of the Hollywood ladies, who has a much higher voice than me, is singing “The Holy City”! Heh! Makes me feel a bit better about my ignominious pre-Mass performance of the thing on Palm Sunday. It’s higher than I thought. (And she too is wearing a hat. A nice sensible one.)

I say it again: Most American Catholic women did not wear veils, before Vatican II, until the beehive hairstyle came into fashion and hats went out. If you really want to look traditional, instead of looking like the sixties, do like the old ladies and get yourself a church hat.



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4 responses to “Don’t Fear the Hat!

  1. TSO

    4 am! Do you have insomnia too? I was feeling sorry for myself but maybe it’s more common than I thought.

  2. Steven Cornett

    I think Shrine of the Holy Whapping blogger Matthew Alderman has that traditional hat in view with the picture (third down) for the Pious Sodality of Church Ladies weblog.

  3. TSO: I think there’s usually a lot of insomnia during the change of seasons, and the weird way they’re doing Daylight Savings is making it worse.

    However, my insomnia the other night was due to drinking too much caffeine, in order to escape the daylight effects of insomnia. 🙂

    Steven: Yes, that’s it exactly!

  4. Oh, I like hats well enough; but not if the person in front of me is wearing a big one that blocks my view! 🙂 I haven’t found any nice hats lately, either, so I stick to my Italian lace mantilla.

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