Infomercials Are Out of Hand.

They’re running an infomercial for a Kiyoseki curling iron — on the Cincinnati public TV station.

If this is just Time Warner, it’s either a big mistake or crooked.

If it’s the public TV station, it’s super-crooked.


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One response to “Infomercials Are Out of Hand.

  1. Thanks for your comments to CET. Let me assure you that CET does not air infomercials. At 4:30 a.m. CET aired “PBS Previews: Carrier” followed by “Seeing in the Dark” from 5:00-6 a.m. Perhaps you were watching Time Warner Channel 17 or 18 which CET does program during the school year, but during the summer months Time Warner uses these channels to carry infomercials. I will contact Time Warner to see if they can let us know what may have happened during this time.

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