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“Angelus of Doom”

I haven’t read the book (and I’m pretty sure it’s not… um… to everyone’s taste… probably not mine, either….). But there aren’t many comedy-mystery books that come with a theme song you can download before reading the book, and which are embedded with Catholic traditions that Catholics like me are too young ever to have experienced.

So, from the author/publisher’s “blag”, an explanation of his song “Angelus of Doom”:

Speaking of Angelus of Doom, I’m rather proud of something in the song, something that no one has commented on — and no one probably will. First, some background for those who may not have read the short story entitled “The Angelus of Doom” in my book THE TOTAH TRILOGY. The story involves a young bell-ringer (me, at the age of eight in 1955) who (spoiler alert!) miraculously saves the day by ringing the Angelus improperly. The Angelus is a bell-ringing ceremony practiced three times a day in Catholic ritual. As is explained in the story, it consists of this sequence of rings:

(1) three rings

(2) pause

(3) three rings

(4) pause

(5) three rings

(6) pause

(7) thirty-three rings

There’s no telling how many millions of people have been annoyed by the Angelus over the centuries. And the annoyance continues. In the haunting love theme for the short story — all three stories in THE TOTAH TRILOGY have a haunting love theme — on the second and fourth verses there is a bell-like tone I played on the keyboard that replicates the sequence of the Angelus. 3 – 3 – 3 – 33. If I had sampled a real bell sound, or had a better keyboard, perhaps the bell sound would be more obvious and noticeable. In any case, if you listen to the song “Angelus of Doom” you will hear the Angelus playing. The sequences of three rings are in verses two and four and the thirty-three rings play during the choruses which follow those verses.

I don’t know how many short stories written these days have their own haunting love themes, but I doubt if it’s many. And I bet that no song ever has had a Catholic bell ritual imbedded in it. And it fits! Check it out.

I wish I didn’t have to brag about this myself, but hey, that’s what a blag is for. Click on the underlined Angelus of Doom to hear the song.

Mr. Fender also runs Ramble House, an independent publisher of all sorts of mystery books (yay!), mystery book reviews by the late great Anthony Boucher (yay!), and miscellaneous other stuff (some more miscellaneous than others… ew…..) Anyway, it’s a site worth a look and listen.



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