From Our Home Office in Clairvaux….


10. Demonstrations and marches are good.
Eucharistic and saint-day processions are bad.

9. Incense at home to cover up that marijuana smell is good. Yay, Sanskrit chant!
Incense in church to waft prayers to Heaven is bad. Boo, Gregorian chant!

8. Renovating old houses and antiques to their original condition is good.
Maintaining old churches in their original condition is bad.

7. Indoctrinating children from birth to love peace is good.
Baptizing children soon after birth, and teaching them the Christian faith, is bad.

6. It’s good for kids to learn a second language. Bilingual education is great.
It’s bad for kids to learn Latin. Teaching Mass parts in Latin or Greek is abusive.

5. Early music is good, especially on the original instruments and for its original purposes.
Early music in Mass is bad, especially on the original instruments and for its original purposes.

4. Grassroots movements are good.
Grassroots traditional religious movements are bad.

3. Diversity and experimentation is good.
Diversity within religious tradition is bad.

2. Alternative lifestyle choices are good.
Chaste alternate lifestyle choices are bad.

And the number one contradictory attitude of the Sixties Bunch?

1. All life is sacred, and every person has worth and is good!
Babies we don’t want are bad.

UPDATE: Curt Jester and Rich Leonardi both have additions to the list. Motu Proprio translated this list into German.


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5 responses to “From Our Home Office in Clairvaux….

  1. Ecumenicalism is good.

    Working with evangelicals on pro-life and other causes in support of the traditional family is bad.

  2. warren

    Brilliant list! šŸ™‚


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