St. Methodius — Quotable!

Apparently, St. Methodius of Olympus, apostle to the Slavs, had a somewhat puckish side — one which would either have made him a very misunderstood blogger or an awesome purveyor of T-shirts.

In Discourse 6 of the Banquet of the Ten Virgins (put in the mouth of St. Agatha), we have a very witty (and beautiful, and moving) section which talks about Christian rewards for virgins in terms of the famous pagan initiation rites (showing how much cooler it was to be Christian and a virgin, of course). So after St. Agatha talks about meeting Jesus in the clouds at the end of the world, Chapter 5 begins with this line:

These are the orgies of our Mysteries.”


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  1. +JMJ+

    Yet another saint I should have been reading yesterday!!! Thanks for posting this, Banshee. =D

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